Member Profiles

The 26 members of the Minnesota Ultra High-Speed Broadband Taskforce represent urban and rural constituencies, business and home Internet users, and public and private sector organizations statewide.

The members hold monthly meetings to examine the multiplicity of issues involved and to draft goals and recommendations in preparation for the November 1, 2009 final report.

Click here for a printable directory of the Taskforce Members (.pdf). 

Please follow the links below to view detailed profiles of the Taskforce members.

Vijay Sethi

Tim Lovaasen

Thomas Garrison

Stephen Cawley

Robyn West

Richard Sjoberg

Peg Werner

Mike O’Connor

Mary Ellen Wells

Kim Ross

Karen Smith

John Stanoch

John Gibbs

JoAnne Johnson

Jack Geller

Gopal Khanna

Glenn Wilson

Dan McElroy

Craig Taylor

Chris Swanson

Brent Christensen

Barbara Gervais

Richard H. King