Broadband initiatives in other states

Minnesota is not alone in studying the issues involved in statewide broadband Internet access. State governments throughout the U.S. have begun to tackle the question of whether and how to provide high speed Internet to all residents. To see the proposals, concerns and conclusions reached elsewhere, please select a state to view the relevant Web site.

  • Arkansas Broadband Advisory Council - Initial Report
  • California Broadband Task Force - Report
  • Hawaii Broadband Task Force - Initial Report
  • Illinois
  • Connect Kentucky
  • Ohio Broadband Council
  • Connect Ohio
  • Louisiana Broadband Advisory Council
  • Missouri Rural High-Speed Internet Access Task Force - Preliminary Report
  • New York State Office of Technology - Universal Broadband Strategy
  • e-NC Authority (North Carolina)
  • Pennsylvania
  • Connected Tennessee
  • Vermont Telecommunications Authority
  • Connect West Virginia